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Calm My Focus
I am very please with Calm My Focus and have used it during training sessions in new places and before trials. I think it helped my focus as well. I recommend all of the Calm My Pet products. Thank you, Dr. Pam,for introducing your products to me.

Mary | 7/17/2016 11:07 AM
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Great product for a crazy Lab
If you’ve ever had a Labrador as your Friend and Companion, you know one thing!!  They are crazy!  Most Lab owners will tell you they are puppies for the first several years of their lives and Tucker is a prime example!  I started him in Obedience class at the beginning of January 2016, at the age of 6 months,  thinking I would get him to be able to sit, lay down, stay and come.  That was my goal.  Little did I know that before the year ended, he would earn a title in both AKC Obedience and Rally.
In Obedience and Rally Trials, the most important thing is your dog must be focused while in the ring!  If your dog is not focused, you’ll never succeed.  Focus has been a problem with Tucker being that he is a crazy Labrador Puppy but one that we are working through!  
I was told about Calm My Focus by Dr Pamela Fisher and decided to give it a try on Tucker’s third Trial at the Crown Classic.  I was a bit nervous about going to this because of the size of the trial where over 3,000 dogs a day were competing over a four day period.  The two previous trials Tucker had competed in were at smaller venues with less commotion, fewer dogs and a lot less distractions.
On the morning of the trial, I sprayed Tucker with a couple sprays of Calm My Focus, when we arrived at the IX Center I sprayed him 2 more times.  We went in, got set up and then I got him signed in and I gave him a couple more sprays.  
When I was warming him up before the first of the two trials he was entered in, I could tell a big difference in the way he was paying attention and focusing on me.  It was amazing due to the amount of noise and distractions that were all around us.  The first trial was for his Beginner Novice Title and he was close to flawless placing first.  The second trial for his Rally Novice Title was just 5 minutes later.  I had to run from one ring to the next and I did not have time to work with him in between.  We entered the ring, went through the course and he earned another first place.  Tucker finished two titles in about a fifteen minute span of time and he had the two best competitions of his life.  
I noticed such a big difference when using Calm My Focus and I will continue to use it to help my crazy lab to focus on me.  Lord Tucker has many more trial competitions in front of him and Calm My Focus will be part of each one of them.
Bob | 1/23/2017 6:18 PM
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