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Review by Positive Reinforcement Expert-- Aly DelaCoeur from Why Does My Dog 















I saw the Calm My Stress spray on the shelf and thought I would try it on Ruby who is always so anxious and barks aggressively when anyone comes in the room. After I sprayed her she just calmly watched the Dr and her assistant walk into the room. It gave me goosebumps, she never acted so calm before. We didn’t even have to use a muzzle on her.”

-Michelle N




"First I want to tell you how much Frank and all the dogs love the new Calm My Pet Music CD!  It has made a major difference in Frank’s recovery.  We keep it on in the bedroom where he sleeps and he stays there almost all day.  I run it continually unless he is not up there. (Frank is blind and just had a stroke-very anxious and agitated))The Calm My Dog helps him tremendously also, especially when I am trying to get him settled after a change, like when I am outside or gone. I would like more of that Great stuff!”  



 “My two cats, Max & Mo have been under the care of Dr Pamela Fisher since 2010 so I have witnessed first hand her gift in energy work and what a transformation it has made in my cats' lives and in mine. I was delighted to learn that Dr. Pamela Fisher was utilizing her gift to make her own healing sprays, Calm My Stress and Calm My Cat.  Both my cats are senior and have been faced with some health and emotional challenges.  I have seen remarkable progress almost instantly in both my cats after using this spray.  Both cats bask in the spray when applied. I also spray some above their food and water bowls.  I have seen calmer dispositions. In stressful situations such as having company or moving our home, the Calm My Stress has helped ease any added stressors.  Whereas they used to pace and get agitated, they rest more soundly and the manifestations of the stressors, such as vomiting and IBS, are diminished.”





 “Calm My Stress has helped Bentley to be a more relaxed dog!  For times that he becomes anxious due to storms coming, loud noises like firecrackers in the neighborhood or my taking him to see you, I spray him several times and he actually walks closer to me to be sprayed!  He knows a good thing when it's in front of him! Bentley has become a calmer, more loving dog who is nicer to be around...  I can now have people over and not be concerned if he will calm down.  He gets excited for five minutes and then settles down which is awesome! 

Thank you for doing what you do!  :)”





"Duncan’s transformation has been incredible after using the Calm My Stress spray. He is a high energy dog living in an apartment and tends to get a little rambunctious from time to time. I always keep my Calm My Pet products handy. When he gets too excited, I spritz a little in my hand to pet it into his fur. He will immediately lie down or go to his bed and play with a toy.”





"I have a year and half old Labrador. Within a minute of putting the Calm My Pet Pendant on Jase, he went from bouncing with excitement to laying down already starting to relax! I would recommend everyone to try it! "






"Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product!!! I sprayed Calm My Stress on Jagger (male black 19 mos old stand. schnauzer)to help him calm/focus on Barn Hunt and it helped immediately! His puppy brain and hormones were both raging and he had been rubbing his scent across the straw bales! After spraying this on him, he calmed down and focused!

I sprayed Calm My Focus on Jagger & Tommi and they both focused on me and the course winning 5 ribbons at the show and Jagger beating his best time by 25 seconds!

I now spray Calm My Stress and Calm My Focus on him and Tommi (female 4 yr old stand. schn.) when competing at agility trials, conformation shows and other events!!"





"My very nervous 16 month old Dalmation/ Miniature Schnauzer mix Buddy does not like to be left alone without people or his big Lab sister.  When Buddy would have to be alone, he would sometimes become destructive, anxious, whimper, and drool excessively.  The first few times using Calm My Stress spray along with the Calm My Pet CD, he was like a different dog.  Much calmer and relaxed.  I've tried lots of other products for him, but this is by far the best!  We (and Buddy) are very happy with this product."    


Testimonials from a Professional Groomer

“I have used your "calming sprays" on both my cats and some dogs at work and have gotten really good results. One of my clients asked me where she could buy it!! I use the spray at work a lot, but here are the most severe cases" --Stephanie, Professional Groomer

Bella - lab mix
Had a bad seizure on her first visit. On her second visit, I gave her a couple of sprays before she even walked through the door (gave her mom a spray, too) and she came in the door willingly and with a wagging tail. She now loves to come to the spa, wags her tail the entire time and doesn't want to leave afterward.

Cha-Cha - bichon mix
She hates...and I mean HATES to have her head dried. There is screaming and clawing and jumping all over the place (Cha-Cha...not her groomer) We have tried absolutely everything to make this experience more pleasurable for her but nothing has worked. The first time we used the Calm Spray she was much less agitated and seemed to calm down faster after she was finished being dried. While she still cries and does some protesting, it is so, so much better. 

Lupe - Shih-tzu mix
Lupe has a licking issue. This is a real problem when you are using clippers and scissors!! She would literally try to lick your hands for the entire groom. After the first application of Calm Spray the licking stopped almost completely.

Laci - Shih-tzu
Laci has been coming to the doggie spa every 5 weeks for 3 years and she pooped on the table every single time. This behavior stopped after the first time we used Calm Spray.

Lionel - Morkie
Lionel might have been the toughest case. This dog just hated everything...and screamed for everything! He would throw up and poop on the table almost every time. He would tuck his legs underneath himself so it would be almost impossible to clipper them and when you would try to "un-tuck" him he would scream and bite. Trying to brush out a tangle was virtually impossible without muzzling him. The first use of Calm Spray showed some improvement as there was no throwing-up. After the second use, there has been no pooping or tucking of the legs and he doesn't seem to be stressed during (or after) the grooming. To say he now enjoys it would be a lie, but he tolerates it quite well.

I also use the calm spray on myself, and the other groomers when we are having those "stressful" kind of days.

Perry & Piper


Perry & Piper 

"They tend to get stressed when I am out of town, even though I have wonderful people that come to stay with them. Their stress is almost always manifested in excessive licking resulting in hair loss. I use the Calm Cat spray on them every day before I leave for work and leave instructions for it to be used when I'm away. Perry now has a full belly of hair (it was almost bald) and Piper has a beautiful coat that the Devon Rex is known for instead of having patchy splotches of missing hair."    




"We've been using Calm My Stress spray to help our dog Heidi cope better during thunderstorms.  Before using the spray, she would always need to take shelter in her crate indoors (especially at night).  After every thunderstorm since, she now remains calm all night long in her normal bed without needing to take shelter in her crate.  We now always keep Calm My Stress on hand and highly recommend it to all dog owners whose pets are scared of thunder!"

-Doug and Michelle   


 "The Calm My Stress Essence works wonderfully! Better than any other products I have tried!” Michelle H.



"My Malinois gets so over excited at trials that she jumps and bites aggressively at my shirt/jacket. I spray and rub Calm My Stress all over her before her run and she has completely stopped this annoying behavior!" Jackie - Pet Loft Store


“I had to reorder Calm My Arthritis for Shadow right away because I noticed a big difference!” -Kim


 "We used it in-clinic with good results!" Stephanie - Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center 


"Sadie continues to do well. The aromatherapy really seems to help her as well. She does not get so anxious in her crate." -Marian


"The dogs and I listen to the CD every morning that we bought from you at the rescue event and love it!  We ALL need to relax." Mary R