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Aura Photography

By Dr. Pamela Fisher, DVM

An aura is an energy field surrounding any living thing, perceived as subtle color radiances.  The idea of auras can be traced back to ancient times in paintings and sculptures.  Even now, certain psychics can see auras without a special camera.  However, the first successful aura photograph was taken by Nikola Tesla in 1891.  Soon after, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina began working with high voltage photography in the late 1930s.  Their work was not published in the United States until 1970. The book titled “Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain” by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder exposed this work to the western world.  As a result, the study of Kirlian photography in the 1970s was widespread at many American Universities and across the globe.

Currently, we can use aura photography to interpret the energy and mood of the organism being photographed. Here is a description of the basic colors and their effect:

Red- increased energy and vitality, grounding, passion, stability

Orange- creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, pleasure, productivity

Yellow- lightness, fun, humor, intellect, logic, creativity, warmth, relaxation

Green- harmony, love, acceptance, communication, balance, ambition

Blue- calmness, peace, love, honesty, emotional depth, kindness, truth, desire to communicate,

Violet- meditation, universal flow, intuition, artistic


Aura photography gives a great visual representation of the effects of Calm My Pet products.  Below, a few Calm My Pet products are shown and their effects on pets before and after their use.



Calm Aroma

As you can see, the “Before” picture shows the dog with a light red aura which can represent higher energy in dogs. After the spray of Calm Aroma, the dog is engulfed in a violet, which is a much more spiritual color.   Violet is associated with meditation and higher planes of consciousness.  This is a tremendous change in the energy field of the dog.



Calm Ride


Before spraying with Calm Ride, LD’s aura is pink, which shows his nurturing qualities but he is a little restless on the biofeedback plate. During the spray, his aura changes to blue and white which shows his deep feeling and trust. The white means that he is very spiritual and his energy is balanced, which is very difficult for a dog to portray, especially a hyper one like LD.  After the spray, his aura changes to yellow.  This is associated with LD being playful and center of attention; however, he continued to stay calm and keep his paws on the biofeedback plate.



Calm My Pet Pendant


Before attaching the CMP Pendant to LD, he has a lighter blue aura, which is associated with his dislike of being alone.  After attaching the pendant, his aura turns to strong red close to his body.  This means he is grounded to the earth and energetic but not manic.  This is a big feat because LD normally has very high energy and the CMP Pendant was able to ground him, give him energy while resting on the biofeedback plate, and clearly change his aura to mediate his loneliness portrayed in the picture beforehand.




COMING SOON-  Aura Photos with Calm My Pet Unscented Essences


By Dr. Pamela Fisher, DVM


Color therapy uses color and light to balance energy of the physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental body. Specific colors may be applied by lights, essences, fabric, gemstones and colored glasses. Color can be targeted at the energy centers of the body and acupuncture points to bring homeostasis.

The earliest recorded use of color therapy was in Ancient Egypt dating back to 1550 BCE.  The Egyptians built temples with crystals where the sunlight would shine through to create different colors for healing.   Also, these colors coordinate directly with our chakras and energy centers.

Violet- Spiritual frequencies can build the spleen, detoxify, purify and promote emotional releases, offers connection beyond the physical plane. Tumors/ Cysts

Blue- Cool, soothing frequencies aid meditation, helps with insomnia & hypertension, antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral properties can fight infection & fever. Insomnia/ Meditation

Turquoise- Calm frequencies unify to benefit the immune system , skin conditions, thyroid and lungs, offers a sense of safety and protection during stress. Skin Conditions/ Immune/ Thyroid

Green- Helps balance and provide a sense of well being and peace, supporting joints, heart conditions, the nervous system, vision, blood sugar and elimination. Liver/ Gallbladder/ Blood Sugar

Yellow- Can strengthen the immune & endocrine systems, dry out infections, calm indigestion, plus flush and drain the lymphatic system. Detoxification/ Lymphatics

Orange- Lively frequencies offer hormonal balance, healthy metabolism and a joyful enthusiasm while relieving respiratory congestion and adrenal/ kidney weakness. Hormonal/ Depression

Red- Deeply penetrates tissue & skeletal structure to bubble up chronic conditions, relieve pain and strengthen the entire system. Pain/ Adrenals

We infuse all Calm My Pet Essences with color therapy.  Along with the gem, plant, and reiki, colors are used to create specific energies for calming in our products.