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7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe during the Holidays!

By Dr. Pamela Fisher, DVM


It is already the holiday season again!  Here are some best practices to make sure your pet is safe and happy during these potentially stressful times:  

1. Keep the Same Routine- Routines can be interrupted very easily during the holidays.  Try your best to make these situations as comfortable as possible for your pet.  Even if things change slightly, it is important to stick to their normal routine as much as possible.


2. Bundle Up and Get Plenty of Exercise - If you live in a snowy area, make sure your pet is protected from the elements.  This may include jackets and snow boots to make sure their paws do not get too cold.  Also, you can play fetch in the basement.  Another popular activity could be hide and seek with treats, or puzzles to keep them engaged and entertained.


3. Be Careful Introducing any New Treats or Foods- Always make sure to read the ingredients to make sure they are grain-free and natural.  Do not feed table food.


4. Supervise with any New Toys or Chews- Especially if there are other pets visiting, there can be stress over dominance and protection of treats/toys.  Make sure that all your pets are comfortable with each other, and all new toys and chews are natural and safe.



5. Keep Holiday Plants and Ornaments out of Reach-   Trees, including water for live trees, tinsel, ornaments, strings of lights, or cranberries are all potentially very dangerous for our pets.  Also, avoid scented candles and other scented items because our pets can be very sensitive to these smells.


6. Store Chocolates and Holiday Cookies Safely Out of Reach- You can always get your pet their own safe treats so they can enjoy the holidays as well!


7. Play CMP Therapeutic Music and Use Calm My Pet Essences- Play Calm My Pet Therapeutic Music to help all your pets feel their best and be relaxed.  Use Calm My Pet essences everyday and especially before, during and after company arrives, and any other stressful situations.  

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