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Cat Enrichment

By Dr. Pamela Fisher, DVM

It is very important to provide exercise enrichment for your cat.  Not only does it entertain them, but it also helps lessen stress supporting a healthier life. 

Food can be heated with some warm water (no microwaving) and be served on a flat (glass or ceramic) plate.  Shallow glass bowls can be filled with purified/filtered or spring drinking water.  To encourage drinking, a porcelain or stainless drinking fountain can be used. Also, it is important to have two separate feedings.  Avoid dry food.  Use grain-free canned, frozen and freeze dried foods balanced foods. With a multi-cat household, it is very important to have individual dishes for food and water.  Each cat should be provided with his or her own litterbox (plus an additional extra one) and scratching post/ tree as well.  Cats are very territorial, and sharing can easily lead to tense interactions.

Exercise is very important!  Make sure to exercise each cat separately, with a hunt, catch, feed process.  Use a toy or laser to let them chase until they are tired, let them “catch” the item, and then feed them their meal.  It is best to do this twice daily before meals.  Cats also benefit from natural cat trees and climbing areas, window seats/beds, and tunnels for each cat.  It is important to keep their routines consistent.

For cats that are older or have trouble exercising, try hiding food/treats in different rooms of the house so they have to search for it.  Also, if a cat is waking up too early, try to exercise right before bed.  You can gradually move their dinner time back 15 minutes until 9pm at the latest. 

Litter choices should include unscented, all natural, non dusty materials. Uncovered boxes are desired by most cats and avoid placing them in narrow areas where another cat could ambush or block them from access.

Some cats like a deeper layer of litter than others. Experiment to see what your cat prefers by tilting a full litter pan, so the litter is ramped higher on one side. See what area your cat prefers to use. Stick to the same litter type and fill level your cats prefer. 

All of these techniques work excellent in combination with Calm My Cat.  We recommend to spray on your hand and pet into each cat’s fur, and/or spray in each water bowl.  It is very important to use Calm My Cat on all cats in the household.  Calm My Stress also works great for stressful situations, such as hiding when visitors arrive.  Try to use Calm My Stress before, during, and after the event to soften the stress in your cat’s life.  Playing Calm My Pet Music while you are home or away also gives them a great sense of comfort and provides healing properties.  With these techniques as well as the use of Calm My Pet products, your cats will be on the road to living happy and healthy lives!



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