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Energized Water forms Geometric Crystals

By Dr. Pamela Fisher, DVM

Water in nature can show a natural energy crystalline structure when frozen, as demonstrated in the 1990’s, by the late Dr. Masura Emoto. He was the first to freeze water at a certain temperature in order to take microscopic pictures of the crystalline structure of water, similar to snowflakes. He performed a series of experiments observing the physical changes of the water after different variables.  After months of trial and error, he finally was able to take pictures of these beautiful snowflakes in water (or water crystals).  He explains the process in great detail in his book The Hidden Messages in Water.  



Here is a water crystal picture of distilled water (right). As you can see, there is little to no form to the water crystals.  This is very neutral water. Most water is processed in some fashion, which changes its healthy energetic properties and absorption qualities. 




When we speak about “energized water” and an “energetic signature or vibration” to the ingredients, this is what we mean.  As you can see, when frozen at the correct temperature and under a microscope, wonderful crystals form as composition of Calm My Stress.  This is in stark contrast to the pictures of the distilled water above. “Energy” and “Vibration” helps unblock stagnant or stuck areas of the physical and emotional body to promote healing and calmness.


Since approximately 60-70% of mammals bodies are water, we can see how the natural restructuring energy of water can benefit pet’s well-being. These crystals help to restructure the water in our pets, giving them a balancing and calming vibration throughout their entire body. 


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